Practical Guide - What you should know about Energy Performance Demonstration Building

Letting the energy label be processed is the responsibility of the owner who has decided to sell or lease the object. The obligation also applies to those who are about to build (or significantly reconstruct) or to some owners who own the property "only". The conditions are regulated by Act No. 406/2000 Coll.



Energy labels for the sale of houses are obligatorily processed from January 1, 2013. The relevant law does not define the concept of a family house but speaks generally about the building as a whole. The obligation applies not only to family houses and villas, but also to cases of sales of entire residential or administrative buildings and other buildings.

The seller is responsible for the security. Behind him there are sanctions in case of failure. Whether the sales label has been proven by the energy label is checked by inspectors from the State Energy Inspection. The seller is required to provide the energy label to the purchaser no later than the day of signing the purchase contract.​

Failure to comply with these obligations will entail a fine for the seller up to CZK 100,000 and CZK 200,000 for a legal person.​



Act No. 406/2000 Coll. talks about the need to provide an energy label for the sale of a whole building or unit. The obligation applies on January 1, 2013. A unitary part of a building or unit is considered to be:​

  • housing unit
  • whole floor
  • half of the house
  • part of the house with a separate entrance

The energy label can be replaced by a bill of electricity, gas or other heat for the unit in the past 3 years. This exception can be applied only if the owner of the unit has in writing asked the owner of the building or the unit owners to submit the energy label for the entire building. However, if the building unit's energy performance certificate was not delivered, it can be replaced by the energy bills mentioned. The exception is to protect the owner of the unit in cases where the owners' community does not want the energy performance certificate of the building to be processed. However, the Units of Units Act is in breach of the Act because, pursuant to Section 7a, paragraph (2), it is the responsibility of the owners' community to provide a proof of the energy performance of the building in the case of the sale of a complete part of the building.​

The seller is responsible for the security. The seller is required to provide the energy label to the purchaser no later than the day of signing the purchase contract. Failure to comply with these obligations will entail a fine of up to CZK 100,000 for the seller.​



According to the legislation in force, it is necessary to have the energy label issued on the closing of a new lease for the whole building, such as a family house, apartment building or office building (effective 1.1.2013) or for a unitary part of a building, such as a flat, a whole floor or half of a building from 1.1.2016).

The landlord is responsible for the security. The lessor is obliged to provide the tenant with the energy label at the latest on the day of signing the lease. Failure to comply with these obligations will entail a fine for the landlord up to CZK 100,000.



An obligatory part of the project documentation submitted in the construction process (building permit or announcement) is the energy label of the building. Therefore, for all new or reconstructed buildings that require the approval of the building office, it is necessary to process the energy label. Valid from 1.1.2009. Labeling is only possible on the basis of credible and complete information. In the case of a new project, the rule is sufficient for the information contained in the building permit or notification documentation. In short, these are:​

  • Drawings - floor plans, views and cuts
  • Parts of construction
  • The method of heating and hot water heating
  • Other technologies used (solar panels, photovoltaics, lighting, air conditioning)

The obligation to process and the building permit, building owner or unit owners, must be documented for a building permit or statement. The building office without the energy label submitted shall not issue a building permit.​



The obligation of the unit owners to purchase the energy label remains in the case of:​

  1. sales of the whole or part of the building,
  2. renting a building,
  3. lease of the whole building (effective from 1 January 2016)

Will you sell an apartment? Ask the Units of Owners Association about the Energy Performance of the Building as soon as possible. If the unit owners have an energy label, its enought to have a certified copy of it. If they do not, it is easiest to process. The energy label of the house is made exclusively for the entire building and applies to all apartments.​

The unit owners' community is obliged to obtain a license when selling the unit, regardless of whether the owner of the unit has replaced the card with a bill of energy for the last 3 years. If the identity card of the owners of the units is not handed over to the owner, the relevant State Inspectorate of Territorial Inspection may be contacted. The owners of units will then be fined CZK 200,000. Missing proof of energy performance of a building does not exclude owner unit responsibilities.​



Like owners of apartment buildings, the owners of administrative buildings are obliged to have a certificate of energy performance of the building (according to Act No. 406/2000 Coll.), namely:

  • from 1 July 2015 in case of sale and lease of the entire building,
  • from 1 January 2016 in the case of lease of a part of the building (residential and non-residential premises, etc.)

The obligation to purchase an energy label is effective from 1 January 2016 even if you are renting an office, restaurant, business or production area or any other part of a building that is intended for separate use or has been modified for that purpose.​



  • a building with a total energy reference area less than 50 m2,
  • a building designed and usually used as a place of worship and for religious purposes,
  • family-run buildings that are used only part of the year (the estimated energy consumption of which is less than 25% of the energy consumption that would occur during year-round use)
  • buildings that are a cultural monument or are located in a conservation area (beware, do not confuse the monument zone)
  • industrial and manufacturing operations, workshops and agricultural buildings with an energy consumption of up to 700 GJ per year (194 MWh / year)
  • constructed and at the same time the last reconstructed building before 1 January 1947 (Act No. 406/2000 Coll., § 7a, Art. This is only valid provided that both the seller and the buyer agree in writing,
  • buildings important for state defense that are designed for special use.



The obligation to process the energy label refers to the concept of the energy-related area. Simply put, it is a built-up area multiplied by the number of floors of the building. The energy reference surface of one floor is calculated from the external dimensions (including the area of the perimeter structures). This is not a usable area.​



  • Label validity is 10 years 
  • Processing responsibility is always the responsibility of the owner (Seller)
  • The label can only be provided by a qualified power specialist


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