Practical Guide - Do you know your rights and obligations in a rented apartment? Frequently asked questions

Since I have been receiving a lot of questions from the clients (prospective tenants) about the basic things for renting an apartment, I've decided to create a practical little guide to answer the most common questions.​


Question: I want a lease and the landlord requests a deposit, according to the new Civil Code. Is he right?

Answer: Yes. The lessor may, by law, claim security (deposit) at a maximum of three times the monthly rent.


Question: What does the term "deposit" mean?

Answer: This is a bail. It serves in the case of debt on rent or services, or after termination of the lease, to the costs associated with putting the property in the original condition in which the lessee took over the normal wear and tear.​


Question: Can I apply for permanent residence at the rental flat? Do I need the landlord's consent?

Answer: Yes you can, even without the lessor's consent.


Question: I married and my wife is moving to me. Do I need to have the consent of the lessor?

Answer: No, in the case of a close person, the lessor's consent is not required.


Question: I rented an apartment and I will be away from the Republic over the summer. Do I have to tell the lessor?

Answer: Yes, by law, you have to notify the landlord of your planned absence in the apartment for more than 2 months.


Question: What is the legal notice period for renting an apartment?

Answer: The notice period is 3 months and starts running from the first day of the calendar month following the receipt of the notice.​


Question: I have an agreed contract for an indefinite period and the landlord has given me a notice, with whom I disagree, what should I do?

Answer: Within two months of receiving a statement, you can file a lawsuit. Do not forget, however, that these are individual cases, that is, if you file a lawsuit, do not pay rent or owe the services, it will not help you.​


Question: The lessor of the rented flat want to sell the apartment where I live. What does it mean for me?​

Answer: Either finds a new owner who buys an apartment for investment and hence becomes your new landlord (the contract automatically precedes the new owner, where after the transfer you write a new contract) or you have a 3 month notice period if the new owner wants real estate for himself.​


Question: What can be the maximum amount of the fined agreed in case of violation of the lessee's obligations?​

Answer: Any agreement on a contractual fine will not be considered because it is against the law.​


Question: I've rented a flat and I want to buy a dog, but the lessor does not want any pet. Is he right?​

Answer: No. Even if this provision was in the lease, it is inadmissible.​


Question: I received a terminate of renting a flat with a 3 month notice period. When do I take the apartment back to lessor?​

Answer: Not later than the last day of the notice period.​


These are basic questions about renting an apartment. If you have a question you did not find here, do not hesitate to contact me.​

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