Hana Večeřová, residence Holandská 878/2, Brno Štýřice, 639 00, IČO: 01713507, as the administrator of personal data, informs clinets and users of website below-described collection of personal data and privacy policy.


In addition, you will learn:


1.         What personal data I will process;

2.         For what purposes and in what manner I will process your personal data;

3.         To whom your personal data may be passed;

4.         How long will I process your personal information

5.         What rights do you have with regard to the protection of your personal data


In case you need any part of the text to explain, advise or discuss further processing of your personal information, you can contact me at any time at


Scope of processing of personal data 

If you contact me through a website, or if you become my client or business partner, you may be asked to fill out (communicate) certain information about yourself or your company. These data may in particular include:​


a)         Your name and surname,

b)         a company,

c)         the address or registered office of the company,

d)         date of birth,

d)         the identification number and the tax identification number,

e)         telephone number,

f)          e-mail address


I do not follow you on my website, so only your personal information that you explicitly tell me will get to me. I do not use cookies on my website.​


Purpose of processing  

The information you provide me is used to contact you back and provide you with the information you have requested or for the purpose of performing the contract, ie, mediation of the purchase, sale of real estate or mediation of the rental of real estate. All personal data is processed in a legal and transparent manner and only relevant, relevant and necessary data are required in relation to the purpose of the processing.​


I can also use your name, surname, and e-mail address to send you a business message, ie to let you know about the events, publications, or services I provide, and which I think you might be interested in. The provision of personal data for the purposes of performance of the contract and the provision of personal data for the purpose of answering your inquiries or the information requested by you is my contractual requirement, and failure to provide them may result from not entering into a contract or failing to respond to your inquiries.​


In addition, you may reject your processing of your personal data for the purpose of sending commercial communications at any time and will not affect our other relationships. Just send me an e-mail with an appropriate request to or another address from which you received a commercial message from me.​



Who has access to your personal data 

I will handle your personal data as an administrator by myself, Hana Večeřová. For the above purposes, your personal data may be passed on to my subcontractors for their processing. Personal data may be transmitted:​


1. external accountant (invoicing - Act on Accounting)​

2. cooperating real estate brokers;​

3. external law company;​

4. processors who provide server, web, cloud, or IT services to me or who are their business partners;​


Your personal data will not be provided to third parties from outside the EU and the EEA.​



Time of processing of personal data 

I will process your personal data for as long as I am providing my services or performing a mutual agreement or for the time necessary to perform archiving duties under applicable laws, such as the Accounting Act, the Archives and Records Act or the Taxation Act added value.


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